Thursday, July 31, 2014

From My Library

Our home is a children's wonderland. All our furniture was purchased used or given to us free. Nothing is new. And I love it that way.  With children ages two and four, I have the freedom to worry about raising my little ones instead of protecting my things.

All throughout my house, there are books. I have six bookshelves, filled to the brim with children's and YA literature. One book shelf contains classics and "grown up" books, but the vast majority of my library is for kids.

One of my many book cases full of children's and YA literature. I am so proud of my collection!

I love my books!

Sometimes covers are destroyed and pages are torn or scribbled on. Tape can fix many problems, others it can't. The scribble marks and torn pages that appear in my books make me smile. I know these battered treasures are becoming part of my children's history.
None of my book shelves are off limits to the kids, but this is the collection they gravitate to most. The other books are great fun to dump off shelves and scatter across the floor.
The books I collect are the ones I love. Many of them have shaped who I am as a person, and serve as models of writing I admire. And so, I'd like to periodically share with you a favorite book from my bookshelves.  I will call the posts "From My Library".

And I hope you enjoy.

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