About Me

I attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a degree in English. I taught English and remedial reading classes for three and a half years at a title one junior high school before deciding to take a break and stay home with my two young children. While I don't miss the workload that accompanies teaching, I became attached to my many students. I miss their funny antics and quick wits. Whenever I write anything, I'm writing for them. Always.

I have been, of course, an avid reader all of my life. It's a characteristic that runs in my family and I remember many nights at home spent reading and story telling. I blame my parents, but especially my mother.

Writing is intimidating. I've played with it a lot, but I am overwhelmed by the talented writers in the world. Everyone has a dream, however, and mine is for my name to pop up in a library catalog search. I mean, really, how cool would that be? And then I imagine placing a hold on my own book, just for fun, because all the copies are checked out.

But lets not get too crazy here.  :)

I don't need to write the next Harry Potter, though my husband reminds me how nice it would be if I did. But I would like to write something enjoyable, and possibly even meaningful.

I'm not sure if I can do it, but this is me trying.

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